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One of our teachers leading class during the Summer Upward Bound Program.
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At Upward Bound, students earn credit toward graduation.
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Students take electives,
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and college prep courses.
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Many university instructors teach for Upward Bound,
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or work in the specific field.
Students graduate from our program and attend elite universities
and find success in building community.
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UBMS Spring Course Offering-2014
An array of eight (8) courses providing a rich
set of experiences and skills development

UBMS Academic Calendar 2013-2014
Click the link, to see the complete roster
of important dates and events for 2013-2014

SAT/ACT Prep Course Review Guide
Parents and students wondering which is the right
SAT/ACT prep course, may find great value in this resource:
It is the the result of hundreds of hours of review by a team
of researchers and industry experts.  After examining a field
of thirty-five prep courses, they present a list of seven that
families might consider.


Summer 2013 Program Resources

Summer 2013 First Period Students
Summer 2013 Second Period Students
Summer 2013 Third Period Students

Family Involvement 

Summer 2013 Program Forms

Summer 2013 Program Orientation Booklet
An A-Z resource guide of the what, when and who of the Upward Bound Summer Program 2013 operations.

UBMS Summer Schedule 2013
Complete listing of important dates from Student and Parent Orientation (Sat June 1)
through to the end of Summer Classes (Fri July 12) and Summer Grade Review (Mon August 5 to Wed August 7)


General Program Resources

UBMS Academic Year Orientation Booklet 2013-2014
Student/Parent handbook of Services and Activities for the UBMS program.

UBMS Application 
The University of San Francisco Math and Science Upward Bound application, which must be completely filled out and submitted by all students seeking admission 
to the USF UBMS program

FAFSA Worksheet 2014-15
This worksheet will assist you, in preparing to fill out the online FAFSA form
(which also can be found at

Community Colleges With On Campus Housing
Some Community Colleges actually provide housing options for students.
This list provides a partial list of such institutions.

Council for Opportunity in Education
The Council for Opportunity in Education is a nonprofit organization, established in 1981, dedicated to furthering the expansion of college opportunities for low-income, first-generation students and students with disabilities throughout the United States.  The mission of the Council is to advance and defend the ideal of equal educational opportunity in postsecondary education. As such, the focus of the Council is assuring that the least advantaged segments of the population have a realistic chance to enter and graduate from a postsecondary institution. 


Spring 2013 Class Offerings

Spring 2013 Course Descriptive: a survey of the four courses offered by Upward Bound Math and Science program in the Spring 2013.


Service Learning

Urban Bicycle Education:
math, movement and mother nature are all explored in this hands on learning experience taking place on each Saturday in the month of April 2013.  Offered in partnership with USF's department of Environmental Studies.

Math Circles and Excel: the world of math explored in a fun and engaging environment, and also the terrain of Excel values, formulas, worksheets and budgets.  Each class is taking place on every Saturday in the month of April 2013.  Offered in partnership with USF's department of Environmental Studies.

Prospective Staff

Resume Submission: please use this form to tell us a bit about yourself, why you're applying to the USF UBMS program and to submit your resume.