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One of our teachers leading class during the Summer Upward Bound Program.
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At Upward Bound, students earn credit toward graduation.
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Students take electives,
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and college prep courses.
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Many university instructors teach for Upward Bound,
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or work in the specific field.
Students graduate from our program and attend elite universities
and find success in building community.
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Fundraising Opportunities

You have the opportunity to support the important work the Upward Bound Math and Science program does through our fundraising efforts. You can support through a direct tax deductible contribution, conducting a quarterly, semi-annual or annual drive on our behalf or through one of the three programs below.


Entertainment Book

Entertainment Book empowers families to realize $1,000 in savings for entertainment, travel and dining and can be purchased for the cost of $35.00. Your entertainment book is full of 50% off and one-for-one specials that apply to dining, movies, entertainment, hotels, travel and more. You can purchase your Entertainment Book from Upward Bound or online.

See's Candy

Since 1921 in southern California, See's Candy has been satisfying America's desire for great tasting, quality chocolate. Now a Berkshire Hathaway company, it has helped organizations fund raise over $80 million. A win-win for all, while supporters get fine chocolate candies and organizations earn needed revenues. Give See's as gifts during the holidays.

For more Information about tax free donations please contact UBMS Stem Education Coordinator, Tamar Powell.