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Resident Minister's reflection Kairos Retreat, by Rebecca Lovano


Kairos is an incredible experience. It is a God-given time filled with meaning and choice. How the retreat touches each person is different, but what I know for sure about Kairos is that it always comes as the right time in someones life; whether they know it or not. There is a reason why someone decides to go on Kairos when they do. Watching the students discover their own reason and purpose for the weekend was an incredible experience for me. As the head Resident Minister leading the Kairos Retreat it was amazing to watch the transformation in students throughout the weekend and see how they were overwhelmed with feelings of joy and love.  

Living the Fourth is about living out a time of possibility, change, and justice in our own lives. Working with the student leaders throughout the semester and seeing their hard work play out over the course of the weekend was really inspiring. Throughout the weekend we tackled hard questions about identity, our relationships with God, ourselves and others, and sought out answers about our faith. We made new friends, we found some peace and we cried till we laughed and we laughed until we cried. It was an incredible  Kairos weekend and I want to remind all the retreatants to let your sweet hearts be your compass when your lost. Live the Fourth!"