Early Decision

Are you ready to make a commitment?

Early Decision (ED) means that if you are admitted to the University of San Francisco, you agree to enroll, and withdraw all other college applications. We’re dedicated to you and your future. Are you prepared to make a serious commitment to USF? Here’s how it works:

  • Early Decision plans are binding.
  • You, a parent/guardian, and a counselor must sign an Early Decision agreement.
  • We will admit you or defer your application.
  • If you are deferred, it means we need to see more academic information before we decide. If deferred, you will be released from your Early Decision agreement.
  • You will receive a decision from us by January 1.
  • Once admitted, we will provide important FAFSA, CSS Profile and Financial Aid information. We ask that you submit the FAFSA by January 15 and the CSS Profile by February 1. We will provide you information on your USF Financial Aid starting in early March.
  • Admitted Early Decision students will be asked to submit their intent to enroll form and tuition deposit by March 15.

Why Early Decision?

If USF is your ultimate college choice, applying Early Decision can:

  • Reduce the wait time you would experience for a Regular or Early Action decision.
  • Reduce the need to apply to multiple colleges.
  • Provide more time to research the city, on-campus activities and opportunities, apply for financial aid, and more.

If Early Decision isn’t an option for you, consider our Early Action or Regular Action plans.