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Kate Carter

Kate Carter

Hello, my name is Kate Carter and I am the Assistant Director for Transfer Admission. I am inspired by and committed to USF’s mission and values which invite all of us to learn more about the talents and skills we possess and to make use of them to create a more just world for all persons.

Transfer students bring a wealth of experience to our campus from a variety of places. I am excited for you to know about the amazing opportunities that await you here in USF’s academic programs, service trips, retreats, internships and more! I work particularly with students interested in our Nursing program.. Please email me or call with your questions regarding the admission process.

We hope to see you for a campus visit and tour whenever possible. You might also meet one of us “on the road” somewhere. My travels during Fall semester take me to community colleges in southern California, the East Bay and the SF peninsula.

Wishing you all good things,
Kate Carter


Phone 415-422-5209

Transfer Center 415-422-4505

Reviews transfer applications for the Nursing major