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Wrapping Up the Semester

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As I look ahead to the next 13 days left in the semester I can't help but to also look back and realize that in 13 days I will be 50% finished with my undergraduate experience. Time has flown by, and the next 13 days will definitely be a grind. This semester I have been enrolled in: General Chemistry II with a lab, Ecology and Human Impacts with a lab, Latin American Perspectives (a history course), and Second Semester German totaling 16 unit hours. The last day of courses is on May 12th. I then have my German final on May 14th at 10am, my Chemistry final on May 16th at 7:30am, my Latin American Perspectives final on May 17th also at 7:30am and finally my Ecology final also on the 17th at 10am. On the 17th at 9:00pm I will be flying from San Francisco International airport to San Diego to visit my brother for a week. That will be a nice break directly following finals. Besides being just a student at USF I also participate in other activities and job positions. If I were to summarize what I do I am a student, Advocate for Community Engagement (ACE), Environmental Science Research student intern, as well as a blogger for the admissions department. With all these things on my plate I also try to make time to relax and enjoy company with my friends and be engaged in activities/events occurring on campus as well as in the city.

This past weekend was really relaxing and great. Since I knew finals were approaching I thought it would be a good time to enjoy activities and events while I could, so I did just that. Following classes and work on Friday the 29th I went to a play entitled "The Maids" being put on as a senior project for graduating seniors majoring in performing arts and social justice. The play was very intriguing; it had a cast of only 3 people and explored the life of two maids who go crazy out of envy and jealously of their Madam that who they work for. The play led viewers trough the psychological breakdown of these two maids minds who eventually … well I wouldn't want to spoil the plot so you'll just have to see the play for yourself. On Saturday April 30th from 8am to 6:30pm I went on a field trip to Point Reyes for my Ecology course. The national park was wonderful! We hiked, went to the beach, and ended our day at the lighthouse. If you don't know of or have never been to Point Reyes I strongly recommend a trip there sometime! Sunday I finished my weekend with a trip to the De Young Fine Arts Museum of San Francisco (admission was only $4 thanks to my USF ID) with my girlfriend, our friend, and her father who was visiting for his daughter's birthday. The museum had some great exhibits including ancient artifacts from Latin America.

This week reality of the semesters end kicked off with my Chemistry course at 8am. Over the last three days I have been finishing up class assignments, lab reports, and essays. Tuesday I worked in my research lab, and I have also been finishing up preparing for the training of new ACEs that will take place this weekend. It has been a busy week, and busy couple weeks lay ahead. Currently I am finishing up laundry while I type this and then going to get back to course work. Till next time!

~Brandon Oldham