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Winter Break

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 If there's one difference I noticed about being in college, it's that you don't feel as awkward when you tell everyone that you slept and did almost nothing during the entire break.  I know that's what I did.  In fact, when I asked my friends if they did any traveling over the break, most of them said they did the same thing as me.  I had a very restful break with my little brother and parents at home.  My family hosts a small potluck dinner on Christmas Eve every year with a few families.  That combined with my parents' cooking put my makeshift cooking to shame (yes, I do actual cooking without a microwave), and made me reluctant to leave as the end of January came closer.

Finally, I had to pry myself from my family after getting used to living with them for the past month and headed back to the city.  Unfortunately, I wasn't able to celebrate the Lunar New Year with them since the semester started on that very day (I still hope for the day it's recognized as a holiday in this country).  Aside from that, my break was filled with lots of restful sleep, family, and good food.

Disclaimer: Even though most of my post consisted of food, I love my family dearly and miss them!