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Turkey Day

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    Back in the dorms from a really nice Thanksgiving… My dad, his girlfriend, and I went to my aunt and uncle’s house, we were in charge of the turkey, stuffing, gravy, and pies. We arrive at their house say hello, take it all out of the car into the kitchen and realize we forgot the turkey, it’s still at my dad’s house a hour and half away! My dad was able to buy another turkey and we were able to laugh about it at the table, good times and memories made!

Thanksgiving is the teaser break to winter break, but it’s always welcomed by everyone. It was nice to get away from the studies for a while. The year is really turning out to be a tough one, but it is what you make of it. Since I decided to be a little more involved that some it’s slightly more busy. 

Done with mid terms, and finals are just a week away, and that’s it for the semester! I had my last day of clinical, we really appreciated the support that the nursing staff showed to us so we gave them a thank you card and made some cupcakes for them! NSA has really had an awesome semester we have a great bunch of leaders who are willing to go the extra mile to make sure students get what they want out of NSA. We have made a huge number of changes and things seem to be going in the direction we all want. 

Studying is starting to ramp up with finals and I wish the very best of luck to everyone as we get closer and closer!