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The Start of Spring 2012

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This semester holds a lot in store. I can break my responsibilities down into four major groups. My first group is a student. As a student this semester I am enrolled in: General Biology II with a lab, Environmental Engineering, Religion and the Environment a theology course, and Revolution(s) a politics course. I am excited about all my classes, but mostly excited about Environmental Engineering and Revolution. I feel that engineering could be a possible route for my future career planning so I am really interested in learning more about what is engineering, and how to go about it as it specifically relates to the environment. Especially during the time we are living in with revolts occurring seemingly everywhere and movements almost unstoppable across the globe, I feel a politics course studying revolutions is not only exciting and intriguing but insightful and informative as well. These two courses I look forward to the most.

Another role is my Advocate for Community Engagement, and although technically every semester I perform the same responsibilities, every semester is different and eye opening. This role is practically another course, but also a life builder. This role allows me to become a better person in many aspects and learn more about social justice issues existent today as well as giving me the opportunity to work with great colleagues and friends that make the job all the more worth while and fun. I look forward to out innovating and performing my successes last semester as well as having the opportunity to teach and learn with a new set of service-learners at Quesada Gardens Initiative. 

My third role is a research intern with Allison Luengen, an environmental science professor doing research on mercury in the bay area. There is a lot to look forward to this semester in this regard as well. Specifically I look forward to expanding our research projects as we coordinate with another Berkeley professor studying relationships between bacteria and heavy metal concentrations in Bay Area sediment. This aspect of the job includes boat-sampling trips in the Bay as well as analyzing samples in the lab using sophisticated instruments to analyze very low concentrations of methlymercury and total mercury. Because this is closely related to my major and a possible future route I look forward to expanding my learning around this topic. 

Finally I also blog (what you are reading), and I definitely look forward to sharing hopefully informative stories about my semester and life as a USF student. So this includes my stories about hanging out with friends, adventures in the cities, socializing, challenges, successes, new found interests, and USF events and/or activities I may attend.  I think considering these four things, I have a very good semester to look forward to, as so do you as you read my blogs and live my semester through my words.