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The First Semester

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Hello all! My name is Lionell Daggs I am from New Orleans, Louisiana “the Big Easy.” I am a Computer Science major and a Business minor, and I am also involved in the Saint Ignatius Institute, a community learning program here at USF that focuses on philosophy, literature, and history. Everyone asks me how I ended up here and I really could not tell you; I applied, got accepted, visited, and now I’m in my first semester of college here in the wonderful city of San Francisco. A word of advice to all of you applicants, if you have the means to visit your prospective colleges before making your final choice do it, visiting USF really helped me with my final decision.

We are now around the middle of the first semester so you know what that means, midterms. I have been fervently studying, writing papers, and just basically spending a lot of time with my books; but I did make time to see Chris Rock’s documentary “Good Hair” this weekend which was not only funny but very informative as well. You know the saying all work and no play makes jack a dull boy; I hold that to be very true so I had to make time for some fun this weekend. Overall, my experiences here at USF and in San Francisco have been needless to say interesting. I always leave the dorms and come back with an intriguing MUNI bus story or I see a couple very unique looking people along the way to my destination. The city and people here are so diverse so San Francisco lends itself well to be just a fun place to live. I have been to the Mission for burritos, the Presidio to watch a rendition of Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors, the Fisherman’s Wharf for some In & Out Burger, Downtown for shopping, and to the Arts & Sciences building to watch a ballet of the Medea. So whatever you are fond of, whatever grasps your intrigue and interest, you can find it here in San Francisco. Now I would like some home-cooked Louisiana food every now and then and I haven’t been able to find one, so if you know of places tell me about them.

P.S. I would like to shout out the YAY AREA Tribe of Foreword 2009 at USF of which I was a part of this past summer.