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Returning to Campus(2)

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I was extremely excited to return to campus this semester. I will be heading into my junior year, and it will be my first year living off campus.  Although the whole process of finding a house close to school in an affordable price range was a little daunting and stressful, everything ended up great.  I am living in the Presidio with three other housemates who have already graduated from college and work in the “real world”. 

Some of my friends have asked if I feel that I am not enjoying a real college experience since I don’t live with college students, but rather older people already in the work place.  My answer to that is that for me, I do not feel that I am being shorted of the college experience at all.  I know myself as a student, and I know what environment helps me accomplish my goals as a student. To me, living with fellow college students would be more distracting, and if college is to prepare us for the real world, I see it as a great opportunity to be living with three other individuals who have already been experiencing the “real world” after college and I can learn a lot from them.  Needless to say I think my housing situation will also provide a great stable environment to get my work done and focus on my studies. 

This semester I am taking: Environmental Ethics, Political Theory, General Biology 1 with a lab, and Air & Water with a lab. I’m looking forward to these classes, but am a little nervous about Biology and Political Theory because I’ve heard biology is a lot of memorization and political theory is a lot of reading and writing.  However, I am ready to take on the challenge and learn more in both of these areas that interest me. I’ve heard that environmental ethics is a great class and I’m really excited about learning various ethics that relate to my environmental science major. 

When I think about the atmosphere at the beginning of fall semester, I think it is one of my favorite atmospheres during the school year.  By atmosphere I mean all the excitement and involvement of veteran students and new students who are first moving into the college dorms and beginning a new phase of their lives. I think when I see all the students exciting and moving in it motivates me and reminds me about why I go to college. 

With that said, I’ve enjoyed the beginning of the fall semester, and being able to finally live on my own. I look forward to this semester.