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Nursing Midterms

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 That time of year again when half of the semester is coming to a close. It's hard for me to believe that we are already 7 weeks into the semester, I feel like we just started. I suppose it's a good thing since I haven't lost the momentum for school.

 It's been a very busy semester, this is suppose to be the busiest semester and year for nursing students. Although I do feel like I have grown and learned the most this semester as a nurse. I feel much more comfortable with being in the hospital and with the skills that we have learned. The last skill check off before Spring break is foley catheters and before that we did wound dressings and wound irrigation. It's nice this semester because I feel like I am learning actual nursing skills this semester.

 I have been able to see and do some interesting procedures. The other week I was able to watch a spinal tap or a lumbar puncture and that was quite interesting. I am on a cardiac floor and it is very interesting to experience all of the heart conditions that I am learning in my theory class. It's fun to see everything coming together for my nursing classes.

 Midterms were pretty heavy this semester. Fortunately they were fairly spread out, but in combination with skill check offs, computer science project, and general class work it was quite a busy two weeks. I ended up studying the most for the midterm that ended up asking the most simple question, that's just how it goes sometimes.