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Nurse. . . PART TWO

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 In the fall, I had trouble reciting my classes when my classmates would ask the oh so popular question: "So what classes are you taking?"  I would reply, "An ethics class, clinicals, pathophysiology and pharmacology part I, assessment blahblah something with a really long name part I...let me check my schedule and I'll tell you."  (I kid you not - Sophomore I nursing classes have very long class titles.)  My efforts to remember the class names last semester have really paid off, because my classes this semester are:

Drum roll please...those classes...part TWO!

Despite the lack of variety in class names, I'm still very excited for the semester.  Right now I'm practicing at the LRC (Learning Resource Center) in Cowell on how to do wound dressings, and in about a week I'll be learning how to insert a Foley catheter.  My instructor showed me both of those last semester at the hospital, but I had no clue that I would be learning how to do them myself the very next semester.  If by any crazy chance you stop by CPMC Davies campus in the city and see a student nurse doing one of the two, you never know, it might be me! :P