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         One more week before spring break; that means two things: cram and midterms. Actually I think I’m pretty lucky the way my schedule has ended up this week before spring break. I have four classes and a lab. This week I have a lab practical exam on Monday, a biology exam on Wednesday, and an engineering exam on Thursday. Other than those I have a take home midterm to complete over spring break and I have to work on my final project proposal for my political revolution course. 

         To me this seems really manageable; I have friends who have four exams as well as essays that they need to write. I have even been able to get some relax time in this weekend. The USF Men’s Basketball team is in Vegas competing in the WCC tournament with the winner getting to advance into the NCAA playoffs. USF ranked 5th place this semester in the WCC, and are doing really well in the tournament so far. They beat Pepperdine and are facing St. Mary’s next. It’s bound to be a great game and I look forward to watching it online since the game is streamed for free.

           My plan for this week is just to stay on top of my assignments and study so I can be prepared for my exams and then relax  little over spring break. I’ll tell you about my spring break in a following post.