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Midterm Mania

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I found midterms rolling in faster than I expected.  After the initial transition into nursing classes and clinical, I found myself getting a better idea on how  being a nurse will be like in the future.  Within the first month or so at St. Francis, I can already tell that I will love being a nurse because almost 99% of the time I will wake up at five or so in the morning with less than three hours of sleep (I have this bad tendency to sleep later the only morning I have to get up early), feel absolutely terrible getting to the hospital, and wanting to pass out on the bus, only to find myself walking out of the hospital with a smile on my face.  This isn't something that happens when I have a good patient - overall being in the hospital is a heartwarming experience for me and I find it hard not to enjoy being there making a difference in other people's lives.

My other courses during the midterm period, on the other hand, were not much different than your typical lecture class.  I found myself improving my studying skills a little more by reviewing the material earlier than I normally would (a day or two before), despite the increased difficulty in the courses I'm taking.  Surprise, surprise, doing your reading actually help!  You don't have to memorize the book front-to-back, but actually exposing yourself to the textbook that isn't gathering dust somewhere helped me score a few extra points that I wouldn't have gotten in the past.  If I had to make a point or two about midterms, they would be:

1) Do the reading when you're supposed to - not a few days before the midterm.

2) Start studying earlier!  If you don't know how to start off, make a schedule of what you'll review and when you'll do it.  Most                 importantly, what makes this work (this applies to diets too by the way), is actually doing what you say you'll do.

Other than that, I would advise you to attend class in general, because a lot of professors will make special notes of things ONLY during lecture - some even include those special tidbits in exam questions to reward those who actually show up.  I found that when I stick to what I say I'll do, I find myself doing well on my exams, so I'm anticipating on meeting my goals for my midterms.