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How was winter break?

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              Spring semester 2012, sixth of eight semesters began on August 23rd. Fall 2011 had finished on December 15th, so what did I do for 38 days? Well I am a Colorado native, so of course I flew back home to visit my friends and family. I flew out to Colorado from December 22nd to January 4th. From the 15th to the 22nd I mostly just relaxed and took it easy and recuperated from the semester. This included sleeping in till whenever (usually noon) and going to bed whenever (usually after 1am) and enjoying a week of no responsibility (sort of). Of course I had to eat and clean a little. I hung out with my housemates and my girlfriend. I went out to eat at restaurants in the surrounding area: usually the Presidio, Marina, Richmond, Inner Sunset, Panhandle, or Western Addition districts of San Francisco. My favorite food is Mexican or Italian (it’s a close call). Other then that I enjoyed my “new” town home that I had moved into in August, it feels so great to be living in my first place out of home and not associated with dorm life. Although I do miss a few things in the dorm, such as automatic cleaning of the bathrooms, the ease to go get food and hang out in the common area, and especially free (well included in tuition) internet and cable. 

           During my two weeks in Colorado I celebrated Christmas as well as the New Year with friends and family. My Brother and best friend (both in the Marin corps and I don’t always get to see them) were able to come out during this time as well so it was a real blast to see each of them and hang out. My girlfriend also came out to meet my family and visit my friends. This was the first time she had come to meet my family, although she had been out to Colorado before. I went skiing for the first time (snowboarded previously) at Winter Park/Mary Jane Resort, and I must say I enjoy snowboarding better.

            I enjoyed visiting and eating family, o boy how much food there was. It was great to drive around doing nothing throughout the night with my friends from high school similar to the old days, and we got to catch up and play some basketball, football, and bowling. I also won my ESPN Fantasy Football League this year so that was a fun fact over winter break.

            When I came home (to San Francisco) I took a couple days to relax and recoup from my travels and then got down to business doing some extensive cleaning of my town house. We got rid of a lot of items that were just old tenants belongings or unwanted items; I hosed the entire house down and cleaned the shed. Also steam cleaned the shampoo and scrubbed the walls (I’m sort of a clean freak). My housemates and I then rearranged the living areas and went to work interviewing new potential housemates because one of our current ones at the time was moving out at the end of January. It was sort of a juggle of sorts to manage interviewing roommates and beginning the semester, but overall it went smooth.

            I returned to my student work position as an Advocate for Community Engagement (ACE) on January 18th to the 20th were we went on a work retreat to Alamo in East Bay and prepared for our work during the semester. I purchased new books before the retreat and they were waiting for me when I got back and ready to begin the semester.