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Half way

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    Mid terms in sight, and finals not to far after that, this is for sure the middle of the year. We have been in class long enough to know how the class works and what we need to do to get by and here comes the mid terms. Classes are going well for me I’m learning more and more practical knowledge about nursing. The skill check offs are going great, learning all about medication administration, giving injections, and learning how to do a head-to-toe assessment on patients! Clinical is going well, the nurses and the nursing assistants love having students around as we are willing to do anything we are able to, anything to get more experience.

Volunteering in the OR has been great as well, I’m able to see things that I don’t get to in clinical and it’s really beneficial to be in the hospital two days a week rather than one. I feel like the more time in the hospital the better. It’s also interesting to see how different departments of the hospital operate so differently.

Other nursing classes seem to be taking up a lot of time as well as computer science and my position in NSA. I’m so glad that I decided to do all of this, but at times it can feel like I bit off more than I can chew. I find myself working better under more pressure so maybe all of this is good. 

I still find time to explore the city every now and then, went to a few movies and found a great sandwich spot over on Hayes street not to far from the school! 

I haven’t been back home yet so I’m looking forward to being back and seeing family and friends back home over Thanksgiving.