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Busy Summer

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This summer is my busiest summer yet.  I found myself taking three classes at the local junior college and an internship.  My first week this summer was spent trying to move my belongings back home AND clean out my room at the same time – very bad idea.  It led to my room looking like a bombing site for days.  The week after that was spent on a relaxing vacation with my family in Hawai`i.  After those two weeks, I found myself getting right into the internship where my dad works, and another week later, summer school.

If there’s one thing my summer is teaching me at the moment, it’s forcing me to make use of every free minute I have.  Since I have classes starting at seven in the morning, internship in the afternoon, and an evening class until nine, I have to keep myself from chatting with friends online and lollygagging when I get home.  After crowning myself the procrastination overlord back in high school, me being productive is like a Christmas miracle.

There are two more things I’m also doing this summer:

1) Getting excited for clinical rotations this fall!
2) Getting even more excited over being a part of the Saint Ignatius Institute orientation team this fall!!