Diversity Forum

USF proudly promotes the Northern California Forum for Diversity in Graduate Education (Diversity Forum). The purpose of the Diversity Forum is to provide students of color, and all students demonstrating strong academic potential for graduate-level work, with information about graduate school including: the types of degrees and programs offered, the graduate school application process, financial aid opportunities, and the Graduate Record Examination (GRE). Workshops, university information tables, and opportunities to network with faculty, recruiters, and students from other universities are available at the Diversity Forum.

This one day conference brings together more than 1,000 prospective graduate students statewide. The Diversity Forum is hosted annually by different schools in the Bay Area. San Francisco State University is hosting the next 23nd annual conference on in November 3, 2012.

Registration is free!

Visit: www.ucop.edu/forum-for-diversity/recruiters/  for more info