Student Conduct Code - Section 4. Communication

The communication of student conduct procedures will occur via the student’s University email account.  Students will be held accountable for retrieving mail from their email account.  Failure to do so is not an acceptable excuse for delaying the student conduct process and may result in a decision being made in the student’s absence.  In certain situations, a letter may be mailed to the student’s on or off campus mailbox.  Generally, a student who does not attend his/her conduct meeting shall forfeit his/her right to appeal.

The University’s relationship is with the student and the conduct process is designed with the purpose of being an educational process that promotes the student assuming responsibility for managing his/her own affairs.  Having anyone else take on this role detracts from the learning opportunity for the student.  University staff will only interact with the student and their parent/guardian to the degree that is appropriate and permissible under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA).  Legal counsel cannot represent a student in a conduct matter at the University.