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Online Course Evaluations

Coming to USF – Online Course Evaluations!

About USF’s Online Course Evaluation Project

USF is Beta testing a new online course evaluation system.  This is a yearlong project which began in Fall 2013.  Our expectation is to replace the paper-based course evaluations in Fall 2014. 

One or more of your Spring 2014 courses have been selected for participation in the Beta test of the online course evaluation system.  The Beta test will run from 9 a.m. on Monday, April 21, through 11:59 p.m. on Friday, May 9

E-mail from Registrar

You will receive an e-mail invitation from the Office of the Registrar on April 21 to complete online course evaluations for your courses that are part of the Beta test.  A link to your Beta test course evaluations will be included in the e-mail.  The system will periodically send reminders until you complete evaluations for each of your courses.  Success of the Beta test depends upon your real and honest participation and completion of your course evaluations.  Please make each evaluation reflect your true opinion for each course so that we may obtain comparable data with your SUMMA paper evaluations.

Note: You still must complete the SUMMA paper-based evaluation forms for your courses, as they remain the official course evaluation instrument for this academic year.  Sorry.  No way around this.

Why are Course Evaluations Important?

Course evaluations give your instructors and the University more complete, accurate, and confidential information about the curriculum, and student engagement and learning, with the aim of improving teaching and curriculum design where needed.  Your thoughtful and constructive feedback really will have an impact on the teaching and learning experience of present and future students.  So, it is vitally important that all students complete their course evaluations!

Are My Responses Confidential?

Yes.  This online course evaluation has been designed so that no one’s identity can be tracked.  Your name and other personal details will not be kept with your responses and you will not be identified in any way.  This is a bedrock principle of the process.  Your online evaluations are confidential and anonymous.  The new system is being hosted by eXplorance, a trusted University IT partner.