Sexual Assault Reporting

In Case of Sexual Assault

What You Can Do

  • Find a safe environment and ask a trusted individual to stay with you for support.  Know that the incident was not your fault.  
  • Seek medical attention to take care of any injuries.
  • Preserve evidence: don't shower or brush your teeth, keep clothes in a paper bag, and go to SF General Hospital

Sexual Assault Reporting

  • On Campus: call 415-422-2911 (USF Public Safety) or contact your RA
  • If the alleged perpetrator is a student at USF, the survivor is encouraged to file a complaint through the Student Conduct system.  Survivors may file a report to the Office of Student Conduct, Rights and Responsibilities (UC 5th floor, 415-422-5330).  Sexual assault is a crime as well as a violation of USF policy.   
  • Off campus: call 911 to file a report with SFPD
  • San Francisco Women Against Rape (SFWAR):  415-647-RAPE (7273)
  • SF General Hospital 24-hour Rape Treatment Center: 415-206-8000
    • 1001 Potrero Ave. #107  San Francisco, CA 94110
      • This is the only medical facility in San Francisco that performs rape kits 

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