Disaster Preparedness Plans

USF Community Disaster Preparedness Plans

(Updated 10/08/2012)


Building Marshals

New Building Marshal program set in place by the Department of Public Safety. Please read about our new program and review the contact list: BUILDING MARSHAL PROGRAM.


Emergency Actions and Procedures

In light of the events at Virgina Tech, please refer to the USF EMERGENCY ACTION PLAN FOR ACTIVE SHOOTER.  Also, here is a link to help educate and remind you of 3 things you should do if there is an active shooter: RUN, HIDE, FIGHT



 In the event of an any emergency the University of San Francisco has an Emergency Response Guide that is available to the USF Community for review.

In the event of a catastrophic event the University of San Francisco will activate an emergency operations center. Plans for the operation center are now available to the USF community for review. USF EMERGENCY OPERATIONS PLAN

Pandemic Flu Prevention

The updated and approved USF Pandemic Flu Prevention and Response Plan is now available to the USF community. USF PANDEMIC FLU PREVENTION AND RESPONSE PLAN