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Academic Year 2013-2014


Faculty and Staff parking applications are now online- please visit to create an account and complete your application for a semester or annual permit.  All permits issued through iParq are valid immediately, and if you are looking to purchase a spring semester permit they are available now.  

  • At the start of each semester students living off-campus, and outside a 3-mile radius from campus can purchase semester or annual parking permits.  Parking permits are sold for the first three weeks of the semester.  Spring semester Evening and 1-day permits will be available through February 7th,2014 through iParq at  

KORET Recreation Center

2013 Koret Master's Swim, Disabled and Annual Parking Permits are now available online by clicking here 
Parking Permit Applications and Payment will be taken through a new system- please have your email address, credit card, Koret ID number, vehicle registration, and disabled placard registration (if applicable) available for your reference.  


 Parking Permit Cancellation

Student Parking Permit Cancellation - Refunds only processed through the 3rd week of the current semester.

Faculty/Staff Parking Permit Cancellation - Cash, check, or credit card refunds only processed through the 3rd week of the current semester.  Stop to payroll deduction may be done at anytime.

Citation Appeals

Citation Appeals are now done completely online, by going to and entering in your plate number or citation number in the area under "Pay Notices" where you can view your citation details, appeal, or pay. 

Special Events Services

Special Event Parking
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USF Alarm Authorization
USF DPS Student Employment Application
USF Record Request
USF Vehicle Storage Form