The University of San Francisco: Provost/Academic Affairs

Strategic Objectives

Office of the Provost

Strategic Objectives

1. Achieve national and international recognition for USF as measured by high civic engagement, visibility, demand, and impact.

2. Preserve and make our Jesuit history, Mission, and “five promises” to students in USF 2028 vibrant, effective, and well known.

3. Deliver the premier undergraduate educational experience in the San Francisco Bay Area, characterized by transformational learning in the Jesuit tradition.

4. Deliver a world-class professional graduate education, characterized by innovation, excellence, ethics, service, and leadership while strategically leveraging key programs.

5. Create a campus environment that supports and promotes diversity in all its forms, preparing students for a diverse and interdependent world.

6. Increase our freshman and transfer retention rate to 90% and our six-year graduation rate to 80% without sacrificing diversity.
7. Assess and promote student learning and success in their University experience and in their academic fields as well as in changing the world, with specific benchmarks by field.

8. Strengthen USF’s financial base, having adapted to and led changes in the educational market place.

9. Develop an integrated academic, financial, and enrollment strategy.

10. Establish an environment of stability and transparency, with a high level of cooperation and trust in the university administration and positive university-union relations.