The University of San Francisco: Provost/Academic Affairs

Vice Provost for Strategic Enrollment Management

     Bob Spatig

The Vice Provost for Strategic Enrollment Management serves as the University's chief enrollment services officer. The mission of the Strategic Enrollment Management team is:

The Enrollment Management team is inspired by the University of San Francisco’s vision to be internationally recognized as a premier Jesuit Catholic, urban University with a global perspective that educates leaders who will fashion a more humane and just world. Our work together is guided by the University’s belief in and commitment to advancing a culture of service that respects and promotes the dignity of every person and commitment to enroll, support and graduate a diverse student body, who demonstrate high academic achievement, strong leadership capability, concern for others and a sense of responsibility for the weak and the vulnerable.

The team intentionally works to realize the University’s vision in three essential ways: providing service, supporting diversity and facilitating student success. The core components of the our mission are

  1. To foster student learning in the Jesuit tradition by providing essential admission, financial aid, student accounts, and registrar services and resources to prospective, admitted, enrolled and graduated students, as well as the families of students, alumni, faculty and staff colleagues and the broader University, California and national higher education communities.
    1. Making services available to students where, when and how they need them
    2. Providing services to the families of students, alumni, faculty and staff colleagues and the broader University and Northern California community that facilitate their learning and inclusion in our University community
    3. Being aware of local, state and national issues and laws that will affect students and serving as advocates for their interests
  2. Supporting diversity in our community by respecting and actively engaging with applicants, students, students’ families and colleagues of diverse cultural, ethnic, and religious, social and economic backgrounds, abilities, and personal orientations.
    1. Providing services that do not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, disability, age, or economic status
    2. Promoting the free expression of ideas and opinions and fostering respect for diverse viewpoints throughout our University community
    3. Respecting the dignity and protecting the privacy of students and alumni and assuring the confidentiality of their records and personal circumstances
  3. Assisting in the facilitation of student success by developing, implementing, administering and assessing appropriate, accessible, efficient, useful and consistent enrollment and academic services, programs, policies and processes.
    1. Designing and delivering programs and services that facilitate high student retention, satisfaction and graduation
    2. Committing to the highest level of ethical and professional behavior and refraining from conflicts of interest or the perception thereof
The Vice Provost oversees the offices of: