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USF Assessment Project Proposal


Standards for Review and Approval of Assessment Projects

University Assessment Steering Committee

The following guidelines represent the standards for submitting requests for conducting assessment projects that require samples of a broad range of USF students, faculty or staff. These guidelines are intended for all faculty and staff; students wishing to request approval must do so at the behest of a faculty or staff member.

Approval process:

  • Contact the Office of Institutional Assessment and Associate Provost Gerardo Marin via email of intent to conduct assessment project. Briefly describe the nature of the project.
  • Request through the Office of Institutional Assessment to be placed on the next University Assessment Steering Committee agenda.
  • Two weeks prior to the Assessment Steering Committee meeting submit the materials listed below electronically or hard-copy to the Office of Institutional Assessment for distribution to Committee members.
  • Attend Assessment Committee meeting in support of assessment project request.


      • Written statement of (please limit to 2 pages maximum):
        • the purpose of the assessment project;
        • the contribution of the assessment project in meeting the mission and strategic initiatives of the University;
        • the units mission statement, the learning/effectiveness goals, and the learning/effectiveness outcomes that the assessment project addresses;
        • the methodology to be used in conducting the assessment
          • Target sample;
          • Sample size;
          • Expected response rate;
          • Website URL where details of the survey can be found;
        • a statement regarding possible review of the survey by the University Institutional Review Board.
        • a statement addressing confidentiality and/or anonymity of survey participants.
        • the assessment project timeframe from start to finish;
        • a description of the report(s) generated and provided by the survey publisher. If survey is generated in-house then please provide a short description of the report you will generate;
        • acknowledgement of the Executive Summary requirements to be submitted at the close of the assessment project (see attached);
      • Copy of survey.