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Professional Bachelor's Degree Program Online Registration Information

Dear Professional Bachelor's Degree Program Student:

Welcome to self-registration! Below is a list of links to assist you with your registration.

Please note that while looking up your CRNs, you want to make sure you are looking at the correct CRNs for your cohort. Looking at the “PS Batch Coding Information” below, your cohort/block code consists of a combination of the semester you started, the campus you attend, and the major. For example, if you started in Spring 2014 at the San Francisco campus and are a Management major, your cohort/block code would be 14S_SF_BSM.

  Start Term Location Program
Start Term: This is the term that the cohort begins.
Location: This is the campus where the cohorts will meet.
Program: This is the program or area of emphasis that the cohorts will be studying.

Once you find your cohort/block code, please view the chart in the links below for the semester you wish to register and write down the CRNs associated with your cohort/block code. Once you have your list of CRNs, please click on the following link for instructions on how to register .

Once you have completed your registration, please cross reference your final schedule with the “Required Cohort Course List” to make sure you are registered in your proper courses for the semester. It is your responsibility as a student to ensure you are registered in your cohort courses as required for your major. Please do not take courses out of sequence, as that will affect your degree completion timeline and may affect your ability to take future courses in your major due to prerequisite requirements.

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