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Review Policies


The Annual Review activity is two-fold: a summary of the division’s or school’s contribution to the University’s Vision, Mission and Values Statements; and, the review of current programs and operations in five-year cycles. These reviews will lead to future plans, including reallocation of resources.

Annually, each Dean and Vice President will complete a one-page template briefly stating how their division supported the Mission, Vision and Values of the University during the previous year and identifying specific goals the departments focused on in support of the University Mission, Vision and Values, and Strategic Initiatives.

Additionally, Executive Officers will prepare a financial profile of approximately 20% of their departments and programs. The Deans, Vice Presidents and the respective department managers will prioritize the departments to be profiled and will have opportunity to comment and participate in these reviews. The Budget Office will assist units in their financial review process by gathering the data, putting the data into uniform formats or templates, and providing benchmarks and best practices data where available. These financial profiles will use standard measures so that departments can compare themselves against other departments within USF and often, external to USF, thus creating a culture of evidence and standards against which to measure performance, improvements, efficiency, and financial contribution to the University.

source: Summary of Planning, Budget and Annual Review Process 9/4/02