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Summer Construction Brings Upgrades

lone mtn construction

A new entrance to Lone Mountain is one of the most visible projects currently underway.

Construction crews and hard hats are outnumbering students on the University of San Francisco campus this summer, with a $6.5 million effort to remodel two residence halls underway and the $30 million renovation of Kalmanovitz Hall moving forward.

"We have undertaken an extremely aggressive construction program this summer," said Mike London, assistant vice president for facilities management.

The largest renovation of residence hall space in years is taking place in Fromm Hall and Lone Mountain North. Crews began removing furniture and tearing out carpet, walls, and bathroom fixtures the day students moved out in May in order to complete the projects by mid-August, just in time for a new group of students to move in.

"These crews are working hard to meet the deadline," London said. "The goal is to maximize the extent of the upgrades across campus in the very tight time frame that summer allows."

The renovation includes remodeling and right-sizing the bathrooms and 248 rooms in the two residence halls, complete with new copper plumbing, wiring, fixtures, flooring, and paint. All rooms will also get new keyless door locks, which require a swipe of the USF identification card and a personal identification number for entry. The residence hall work will create an additional 30 beds.

lone mtn entryA new entrance to Lone Mountain is being constructed to make it more accessible and to keep with the architectural style of the historic building. The new entrance will feature a portico with skylights and a series of columned archways leading to automatic double glass doors. The entrance is scheduled to be complete in early August.

Kalmanovitz Hall remains the major construction site on campus as the former Campion Hall is transformed into a home for the humanities and social sciences, with modern classrooms, faculty offices, labs, and student meeting space. The structural and seismic upgrades to the 80-year-old building have been completed and crews are now focusing on the architectural finishing stage, including constructing new interior walls, and trenching for utilities and preparing elevator shafts.

In addition, a new roof with skylights is being installed this summer, and photovoltaic panels for solar energy will be mounted soon after. In August, scaffolding will go up around the entire exterior of the building and will be wrapped in waterproof tarps in preparation for winter.

lone mtn dorm const"Through August and September of this year, things are going to ramp up quite a bit at Kalmanovitz," London said. The building remains on track to open for occupancy in late summer 2008.

Additional projects taking place across campus this summer include refurbishing Parina Lounge in University Center, upgrading the main kitchen in the University Center dining room, installing netting around the baseball field and a new scoreboard, and the addition of new flooring, paint, and windows on the pedestrian bridge connecting the main Lone Mountain building to the residence halls and offices in Lone Mountain North.

Written by Samantha Bronson