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Alumna Bids to be Biggest Loser


Ada Wong '05 needed fans' votes to be one of three finalists to challenge for the $250,000 grand prize on The Biggest Loser.

Ada Wong ’05 made it into the final three in her bid to win NBC’s reality television show The Biggest Loser.

Wong won a fan vote-off against Elizabeth Ruiz, pitting her against Frado Dinten and Patrick House in the finals to determine who would take home the $250,000 grand prize.

Wong, who earned a degree in international business from USF, is a project coordinator at a Bay Area high tech firm. Now 27, Wong calls San Francisco home. She grew up in Gilroy where she lived with her brother and parents, who emigrated from China. On the show she has talked about struggling with her weight since she was young. She was ridiculed by others her age and craved support from her family that was hard to come by.

Wong originally weighed in at 258 lbs., but has so far lost 91 lbs. (35 percent of her body weight) since the 12-week show began. She hopes that losing weight will allow her to feel more confident, feel good about her life, and finally be happy.

In a memorable episode 10, Ada, far ahead of her closest competitor in a race up and down many flights of stairs to win an SUV, made a secret pact with second place Brendan to allow third place Patrick, a husband and father and owner of a rundown 1992 model car, to take home the SUV to his tearful astonishment and gratitude.

The vote-off, now underway, continues until 6 a.m. (Pacific) Dec. 13. The grand prize $250,000 will be awarded during a two-hour live The Biggest Loser finale Dec. 14.

Written by Edward Carpenter »usfnews@usfca.edu