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USF Alumna Stays Alive in 'The Amazing Race' 


Jeremy Cline (right) and Sandy Draghi ’99, MSN ’05 are among the final five teams of "The Amazing Race."

One-time Dons soccer player Sandy Draghi ’99, MSN ’05 and her boyfriend, Jeremy Cline, recently pulled out not one but two dramatic comebacks to make it into the final five teams of CBS’s "The Amazing Race."

Drag and Cline, a couple for six months when the show began filming this summer, recovered from poor navigation in Denmark to edge out father-and-son team Laurence and Zac at the finish line and remain in the race on the Nov. 12 episode. It was a similar story for the couple a week earlier in Malawi when they had trouble finding a designated check-in, the Jamaica Shop.

“Not eating and sleeping enough wears you down; it really does,” said Draghi in an interview after the Nov. 12 finish, referring to the tough, competitive nature of the race. “It reminds me of finals in grad school.”

Draghi and Cline are competing against other teams of two, all of whom are trying to avoid arriving last at “pit stops” and being eliminated as they race around the world — stopping in countries such as China, Indonesia, and Thailand. The race winners take home a $1 million grand prize.

Back at home in Danville, Draghi is a nurse at Blackhawk Plastic Surgery. Her ability to focus for hours in the operating room and her athleticism, dating from her time with the USF Women’s Soccer Team and before, are among her key assets, Draghi said. Athleticism, from his days on his high school swim team and, more recently, organized basketball, is also an asset for Cline.

Their challenge, on the other hand, is communicating better and working together under pressure, issues they have revisited in interviews more than a few times on the show. Before joining The Amazing Race, the couple had little experience traveling together.

USFers interested in cheering on Draghi and Cline can follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

Written by Ericka Montes »email usfnews@usfca.edu | Twitter @usfcanews