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Student’s Life-Saving App Adopted By Hundreds of Cities 

Joseph Ekman

Joseph Ekman '14 has created a life-saving smartphone app that's been adopted by hundreds of cities and featured on the 'Today Show.'

Residents and 911 operators in about 500 cities and counties across the country can now use an emergency smartphone app that was created by USF School of Management information systems student Joseph Ekman ’14 to save lives.

See it on the 'Today Show'

The free In Case of Emergency (ICE) Standard with Smart911 app, which was featured on “The Today Show,” allows users to quickly share details about themselves, their homes, and their families with 911 operators, paramedics, and physicians in an emergency. When a user calls 911, their information, including their GPS location, automatically appears on the operator’s computer terminal. At the scene, paramedics and others can access the same information without a password from the lock screen of a user’s smartphone. Other information on the phone remains password protected.

Vital information for first responders

“If you’re in a strange city and call 911, or if you’re knocked unconscious in a car accident or have a diabetic seizure, emergency responders will have vital information that could help save your life,” Ekman said. 

A user profile can include family members’ names and pictures, relevant medical conditions and allergies, necessary medications, and more. The profile can help medical personnel treat a medical condition, ensure that everyone in a household escapes a fire, or provide instant access to a photograph of a missing child. Profiles are color-coded by severity of medical conditions: red = special medical condition; yellow = prescribed medications; green = good to go, giving responders an instant read on a situation. 

450 cities, 840 colleges

“It’s the only app with these capabilities,” Ekman said. 

ICE Standard with Smart911 is used by emergency responders in 450 cities and on 840 college campuses. It’s proved popular with authorities because it allows them to see a mobile phone caller’s location and name, something that’s been standard for landline callers for decades.

At your fingertips in an emergency

An auto edition version of the ICE Standard with Smart911 app just launched. It costs 99 cents and includes added profile storage for information you might need in case of a car accident.

Written by Heidi Patton »email usfnews@usfca.edu | Twitter @usfcanews