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‘Book of the Year’ Tackles the Business Side of Nursing

KT Waxman

Assistant Professor of nursing KT Waxman's book has been named Book of the Year by the American Journal of Nursing.

A new book out of the School of Nursing and Health Professions has been name book of the year by one of the most prestigious nursing journals in the world for cutting through the complexities of hospital and medical-insurance funding and helping nurses become better patient advocates.

Greatest asset

“The problem is that nurses don’t learn a lot about financial management in nursing school.  We are often promoted to management positions because we are great clinical nurses. Yet, we lack some of the skills to do our jobs effectively. Being able to talk the business talk can quickly become one of our greatest assets!” said Assistant Professor of nursing KT Waxman, who edited and contributed three chapters to the book—“Finance and Business Management for the Doctor of Nursing Practice.” The American Journal of Nursing named Waxman’s text one of its Book of the Year winners for 2013 and awarded it second prize in the Advanced Practice Nursing category. 

Build your case

Waxman’s book goes beyond defining finance and management terms to explain the how-to of corporate balance sheets, strategic budgeting, management theory, and more. “I wish I’d had this book early in my career. It would have saved me from going down some dead ends and prepared me to build a case for the resources I needed in ways my CFO and CEO understood,” Waxman said.

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