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A Class for the Ages

Students 18 to 93 learn from each other


"Generations" students learn to bridge ages differences and see life from a different perspective.

There’s a class at USF that’s enrolled students as young as 18 and as old as 93, students who marched in civil rights-era protests and others who weren’t old enough to vote when Barack Obama was elected the country’s first African-American president.

Life worth living

They tackle topics that are both personal and political, from sex and gun control to health care, and even what makes life worth living. It’s good, old-fashioned conversation — the kind that moves you, gives you pause, and, sometimes, teaches you.

They don’t learn from textbooks. They learn from each other.

Read about “Generation to Generation,” a unique semester-long psychology course, in the latest issue of USF Magazine.

Written by Monica Villavicencio »email usfnews@usfca.edu | Twitter @usfcanews