Applause, Applause!

USF ‘Most Underrated University’


USF is the 23rd most underrated university in the country, according to the website Business Insider.

The business and finance news site compared university rankings from U.S. News and World Report’s best college rankings to the salaries graduates earn (as reported by PayScale, an annual college salary reporting agency) and concluded that USF outperforms and is underrated.

“USF’s inclusion on the Business Insider’s list underscores what we already know. The university graduates students who are well educated and prepared to succeed. In fact, USF should be more recognized nationally and internationally for how good we are,” said USF Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs Jennifer Turpin.

“A USF education not only provides the very best, most rigorous curricula and teaching, it also develops graduates’ capacities to lead and to work well with others. Some ranking systems, unfortunately, don’t measure these less quantifiable, but still critical aspects of student development,” she said.


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