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Your cover article “Murder, Marriage, and a Mission” was shocking to find in USF Magazine. … It was a one-sided story that did not seem to respect the life that he chose to take. … I think you have romanticized that he horrifically killed a young woman. Should we really be making him a hero?
Sarah Ovies ’01

I am writing to say that the restorative justice article about Aouie and Leonard Rubio is, I believe, a true-life example of what God intended for restoration to look like. If we believe in God, we have to believe in restoration for everyone. I’m grateful that Aouie and Leonard are willing to be transparent with their story, and to begin to change the world around them with the reality of restorative justice, as they have experienced it.
Donna L. Creasman
Administrative Coordinator, Deans’ Office, USF School of Law

As someone who has been an advocate for restorative justice work in our community, I was impressed by the Rubios’ openness, honesty, and courage in sharing their personal story. ... They helped me to understand that only in recognizing our common humanity, and in realizing that we are all capable of doing terrible harm as well as profound good, can we really get anywhere toward building communities of peace and nonviolence.
Julia Dowd MA ’00, MNA ’03
Director, University Ministry
Monica Villavicencio’s piece on Leonard Rubio and “restorative justice” left me anything but inspired. The focus is solely on Mr. Rubio, his wife Aouie, and their efforts to make us question our “retributive ideas about crime and punishment.” Perhaps this account of change would have been more credible—and the Archbishop Oscar Romero Award bestowed on Mr. Rubio by USF more deserved—had there been any mention of Mr. Rubio’s remorse over the senseless and violent killing of his former girlfriend. … Absent the full restoration of the memory of the victim, restorative justice is an exercise in feel-good therapy at best, and an added insult to the victim at worst.
Sylvia Wasson EDD ’93

I have to admit that when I first started reading the story of Leonard and Aouie Rubio I had a lot of mixed emotions. I was sickened, repulsed, and deeply troubled by the brutal murder. I was also intrigued by the idea of restorative justice. … I was able to track down Leonard and talk to him on the phone. I was impressed with him and his journey. … I felt that Leonard and Aouie had an incredible story to share, so I invited them to be speakers at our local Rotary Club lunch. … I’m looking forward to meeting them in person and to hearing more of their story.
Bob Canepa ’69


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