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Koret Pool Gets a Facelift

New Koret PoolPhoto by Edward Carpenter.

San Francisco’s largest indoor pool re-opened in mid-February, following a two-month renovation. It’s the pool’s first facelift in seven years.

Hundreds of neighborhood kids learn how to swim at the pool every year. The university offers lessons and practice space for swim teams for kids ages 5-18.

By the Numbers:

  • 888,000 —  Gallons of water needed to fill the pool 
  • 450 — Swimmers, during an average week
  • 81.5 — Degrees Fahrenheit.  Target water temperature 
  • 107 — Laps (across) = 3.5 miles. Equivalent to swimming to Alcatraz and back
  • 30 — Cents. Spare change recovered by Koret staff each month on average in the pool’s filter


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