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Environmental Science: Statistical Data


EPA My Environment

Very user friendly! Just type in an address or geographic name, and find a cross-section of environmental information based on the location.


The Right-to-Know Network

The Right-to-Know Network (RTK NET) provides free access to numerous environmental databases. With the information available on RTK NET, you can identify specific factories and their environmental effects, and assess the people and communities affected.


EPA Data Finder

This site provides access to EPA's data sources organized by subject.


Energy Information Administration

Energy statistics, including environmental data such as emissions and greenhouse gas. See also State Profiles and Country Profiles.

NRI Map Room

National Resources Inventory

Data and analyses from the US Department of Agriculture on issues regarding the conservation and use of natural resources. 

Statistical Abstract of the U.S.

Statistical Abstract of the U.S.

The Statistical Abstract of the United States is a one-volume, comprehensive summary of statistics on the social, political, and economic organization of the United States.

remote access
Historical Statistics of the United States

Historical Statistics of the United States

Statistical tables covering population, work and welfare, economic structure and performance, economic sectors, and governance and international relations.

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Proquest Statistical Insight 

Find national income and production statistics, retail and wholesale trade data, interest rates, economic indicators, and social and demographic statistics, plus much more