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Communication Studies: Selected Web Sites

 CommWeb MegaSearch

Promises a full text search of over 20,000 web pages from over 250 Communication related websites. Because it covers many educational web sites, it has lots of course descriptions and syllabi from universities, but also has some helpful sites for research.

Communication Institute for Online Scholarship

CIOS creates and runs both the CommWeb MegaSearch and the database ComAbstracts. USF is an institutional member, so most of the services are available to our students. The website has some interesting tools for doing research in Communication.

American Communication Association

A "virtual professional association" in the world of scholars and practitioners. It has information on academic and professional research.

National Communication Association

The oldest and largest national organization to promote communication scholarship and education. It has information on current ongoing research in the field of communication.

Google’s Directory for Communication

Has some good links to other organizations and Communication topics