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Searching ERIC

What is ERIC?

The ERIC database is the world's largest source of education information, covering 1966 to date. Traditionally composed of citations, abstracts, and digests, the ERIC program has been focusing on adding full-text electronic documents to the database. It contains three types of files:

  • ERIC Documents: from Resources in Education Index
  • ERIC Journal information (most in citation format only): from Current Index to Journals in Education, indexing 750+ titles
  • ERIC Digests: Short surveys giving an overview of a topic with references (available through 2004)

How do I get to it?

From the library’s home page at

  1. Click on Databases.
  2. Click on Education.
  3. Click on Journal and Newspaper Articles. Choose ERIC.

Also, you can access the free version of Eric at

How do I tell what type of file a citation refers to?

You can tell by the ERIC Number, which is found in parenthesis at the end of a citation.


  • ERIC Documents have ERIC Numbers beginning with ED
  • ERIC Journal articles have ERIC Numbers beginning with EJ
  • ERIC Digests have ERIC Numbers beginning with ED and the words “ERIC Digest” at the end of the title

Search Tips

  • Use the operators in the chart below to construct your search:


  • Limit your results to research reports by choosing Reports-Research under Publication Type:


  • To check your terminology and to get term details, go to the Thesaurus. Clicking on a term will give you its scope note and its broader, related, and narrower terms. Always notice the Descriptors in the record to find other search terms on a topic:
  •  ericThesaurus1

    • Go to the drop-down menu under Select a Field (optional) for a list of field abbreviations and short definitions.
    • Use the Indexes to search a field more specifically.

How can I combine searches?

Click on the Search History/Alerts link:


How can I save/print/email my results?

  • Select records you want to save, print or email by clicking on Add to folder.
  • When you’re ready to save, print, or email, click on Folder View under Folder has items.
  • Select the records you want to print, email, save to disk, or export, and click on the icon.