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Citing Government Information

Resources on the Internet

DocsCite - a citation generator for government documents (using either MLA or APA styles), created by Arizona State University.

Citing U.S. Government Publications - an excellent guide from Indiana University - Bloomington.

MLA Style - a guide to citing government information sources using MLA Style, created by the University of Nevada, Reno.

APA Style - a guide to citing government information sources using APA Style, courtesy of Washington and Lee University.

Basic Legal Citation - a guide to citing legal information (cases, constitutions, regulations, etc.), from the Legal Information Institute at Cornell University Law School.

Resources in Gleeson Library | Geschke Center

The Complete Guide to Citing Government Information Resources: a Manual for Social Science & Business Research, shelved in Reference, J9.5 .G37 2002 (Library Use Only)

The Bluebook: a Uniform System of Citation, shelved in Reference, KF245 .B58 2000 (Library Use Only). The Bluebook is an in-depth guide to legal citation.

User's Guide to the Bluebook, shelved in Reference, KF245 .D853 1996 (Library Use Only)