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Sir Thomas More Medal for Book Collecting

The Sir Thomas More Medal for Book Collecting is an important tradition in the history of the Library and the Gleeson Library Associates. The More Medal was established by Fr. William J. Monihan S.J. to honor the spirit of "private collecting, a public benefit."

1968 Norman H. Strouse
1969 Wilmarth S. Lewis
1970 C. Waller Barrett
1971 Lessing J. Rosenwald
1972 Elmer Belt
1973 Gordon N. Ray
1974 Frederick R. Goff
1975 Mary Hyde
1976 Otto Schafer
1977 Lawrence Clark Powell
1978 John S. Mayfield
1979 John Dreyfus
1980 Phyllis Goodhart Gordan
1981 Robert H. Taylor
1982 Albert A. Sperisen
1983 Bern Dibner
1984 William H. Scheide
1985 Sanford L. Berger
1986 Mitsuo Kodama
1987 Carlton Lake
1988 Lawrence Lande
1989 William P. Barlow, Jr.
1990 Kenneth E. Hill
1991 Arthur Holzheimer
1992 T. Kimball Brooker
1993 William J. Monihan, S.J.
1994 The Lord Wardington
1995 Albert Shumate
1996 Michael Harrison
1997 Lloyd Edward Cotsen
1998 Virginia & Jenkins Garrett
2000 W. Michael Mathes
2003 Mark Samuels Lasner
2007 Bernard M. Rosenthal