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Books & Booklets

Joyce and Adrian Wilson portfolio (3 different images) $20
Carlyle and His Era by Murray Baumgarten $2
A Collector’s Decabiblon by Norman Strouse $10
Burndy Library in Mitosis, signed $2
Change and Chaos $5
Addendum and Corrigenda to the Inscriptional Work of Eric Gill $10
"Rome Unvisited," poem by Oscar Wilde $5
Broadside with John De Pol building image $2
Broadside with image of “California 1849” $2
To Remember Blanche (Blanche Matthias) $2
Jane Bissell Grabhorn $20

Please contact the Rare Book Room for ordering informaion.


Nikolai Rezanov & Concepción Argüello by Dr. Albert Shumate $10
The Broderick-Terry Duel by Dr. Albert Shumate $10
The Joy of Great Books $8
“Great American Waterfront," poem by Lawrence Ferlinghetti $8
The Captive Mind and the New Millennium $8
Eros, Destiny, and Danger in the New Millenium $8
The History of the St. Hieronymus Press $8
Map of America Settentrionale $8
Map of Jesuit missions in Baja California $8
From Scriviner to Bibliophile $8
Keepsake for Manuscript Society $8
Manuscript from Sutro Library $8
Caricature of Ward Ritchie $8
Keepsake with portrait of Beatrice Warde by Eric Gill $8
Keepsake with geneaology of Olschki and Rosenthal families $8
Manuscript page of RBR’s Life of Sir Thomas More by Cresacre More $8
Keepsake and broadside re The Grapes of Wrath $8
St. Jerome in His Study $8
Keepsake with illustration (colored) of Nuremberg Chronicle $8
Keepsake with illustration from Kircher’s Ars Magna Lucis et Umbrae $8
Keepsake with RBR’s page of Gutenberg Bible $5
“Annunciation” from The Four Gospels $5
Keepsake title page for De Christiana Expeditione apud Sinas $5
Card with engraving of La dame aux balles colorées by Eric Gill (hand-colored and numbered) $5

Please contact the Rare Book Room for ordering informaion.

Post Cards & Christmas Cards

Cards in honor of St. Peter Canisius linoleum cuts (with envelope) $2
Card: drawing of St. Ignatius by Eleanor Dickinson (with envelope) $2
Card: from Theatre de la Passion by engraver Gregoire Huret $2
Our Lady of Lourdes woodcut (1920) by Eric Gill $2
Madonna and Child with Children wood engraving (1925) by Eric Gill $2
Nativity wood engraving by Philip Hagreen $2
Nativity woodcut by Albrecht Dürer $2
Packet of 10 postcards $2

Please contact the Rare Book Room for ordering informaion.