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Board of Directors

Tyrone H. Cannon (Dean, Gleeson Library/Geschke Center), Alfred Cavanaugh, George Fox, Thomas Goldwasser, Fr. Albert Grosskopf, S.J., John Hawk (Head, Donohue Rare Book Room), Marianne Hinckle, Walrave T. Jansen, Noel Kirshenbaum, Louise Lucchesi, Hille Novak, Vivianne Ratinoff, Dr. Adela Roatcap, Richard Snyder, Dr. Kevin Starr

Presiding Officers

Co-Presidents: Walrave T. Jansen, Vivianne Ratinoff
Secretary: Hille Novak (2002-Current)
Treasurer: Alfred Cavanaugh

Standing Committees

Executive Committee: Tyrone H. Cannon, Alfred Cavanaugh, John Hawk, Walrave T. Jansen, Hille Novak, Vivianne Ratinoff

Medalist Committee: Tom Goldwasser, Fred Voltmer

Membership Committee: Walrave T. Jansen

Nominating Committee: Marianne Hinckle, William P. Wreden, Jr.

Publications Committee: Marianne Hinckle