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Who should use this database?

Those looking for accurate data, objective analyses, and perspective on various domestic policy issues.

What kinds of materials are referenced in the database?

The web site includes links to Urban Institute programs such as Assessing the New Federalism, a research project to analyze the devolution of responsibility for social programs from the federal government to the states, focusing primarily on health care, income security, job training, and social services. It also includes recent research reports; state case study reports; a state database with information on the fifty states and the District of Columbia in areas of income security, health, child well-being, demographic, fiscal and political conditions, and social services; and the National Survey of America's Families which provides a comprehensive look at the well-being of adults and children in 13 states.

What years does the database cover?

Mostly current coverage is provided.

Will I find full-text articles in the database?

Yes, some research reports are available in full-text.