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Who should use this database?


Those looking for literature in the fields of Exercise and Sports Science, Sports and Fitness Management.


What kinds of materials are referenced in the database?


The database contains over 500,000 citations and/or abstracts to worldwide scientific and practical literature (articles, monographs, dissertations, conference proceedings, research reports, audiovisual material) in sport, physical fitness, sport science, recreation and related areas for both individual and team sports.

It covers the literature on practice, strategy, technique, training, teaching, coaching, and officiating. Additional sport- and fitness-related topics include equipment, sport psychology, biomechanics, exercise physiology, exercise psychology, as well as sports for the disabled, sports facilities (including management, maintenance and design) and international sports history. Sources in English and French are covered completely, but for those in other languages, only scientific/research items are referenced.


What years does the database cover?

1975 to the present.

Will I find full-text articles in the database?