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Buros Institute of Mental Measurements

Buros Institute

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Who should use this database?

Those looking for descriptions and accurate evaluations of the usefulness and effectiveness of commercially available, English-language tests. Useful for professionals and students in the following fields: social sciences, psychology, education, social work, law enforcement, management, and medicine.

What kinds of materials are referenced in the database?

The website covers information about the Buros Institute, the ERIC/AE Test Locator, quick guides for the Mental Meaurements Yearbook and Tests in Print, Buros’ catalog, mailing list, news, information, and links.

It provides a link to the ERIC/AE Test Locator, which is comprised of several tools, notably the Educational Testing Service (ETS) Test Collection Database and the Test Review Locator. The ETS Test Collection Database searches a database of more than 10,000 tests and research instruments, and provides descriptions and availability information for each. The Test Review Locator allows searching for citations to reviews of educational and psychological tests and measures that the Buros Institute of Mental Measurements and ProEd (book publisher) have included in their directories. The Test Review Locator is one of the indexes by which you can identify the specific volume of Mental Measurements Yearbook that describes the test being sought.

Types of standardized tests include: educational, personality, attitude, achievement, vocational aptitude, psychological, and related areas.

Coverage is in virtually all fields, from vocational interest inventories for adults to instruments that measure shyness or predict recidivism in released criminal offenders, to assessment of managerial style, as well as education-related achievement and aptitude tests.

Test reviews are not at this site, but in the referenced print publications, Mental Measurements Yearbook and Tests in Print.

What years does the database cover?


Will I find full-text articles in the database?