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AP Images

AP Images 

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Who should use this database?

Those looking for photographs and graphics on all news subjects.

What kinds of materials are referenced in the database?

Photos, graphics, and news text are stored in separate databases that are searchable from a single web page. The photo archive is the most important component, containing 750,000 files that reach back to 1840. There are also 800,000 news text files that date from January 1997, and 13,760 graphics from January 1999.

Authorized Uses

(1) Printed copies of images for book reports, term papers, theses, class handouts and research,
(2) Power Point™ type presentations, overhead projections, slide shows, and other similar multimedia presentations whose usage is confined to the licensed institution,
(3) Transmitting an individual image to an authorized e-mail user,
(4) Archive photographs shall not be used or published in newspapers, magazines, brochures, catalogs, commercial announcements, calendars, posters, yearbooks, playbills, newsletters, on t-shirts, or promotional items, or for commercial use or gain of any kind.