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Television Programs and Off-Air Recordings

A broadcast may be recorded off-air (including cable) and retained for a period not to exceed the first 45 consecutive calendar days after the date of recording after which the recording must be erased. The recordings may be used once by individual teachers in the classroom and repeated once during the first ten consecutive school days. ("School days" are school session days, not counting weekends, holiday, vacations, exam period and other scheduled interruptions.)

Off-air recordings may be made only at the request of and used by individual teachers. A limited number of copies may be reproduced from each off-air to meet the legitimate needs of teachers. Each copy is subject to all provisions governing the original recording.

When directing students to consult materials as homework (i.e. beyond what constitutes the time allotted for a class session), refer to Library Reserve Use.

Library Reserve Use

The library generally does not accept off-air recordings for placement on reserve in the library or on electronic reserve. For legally purchased copies of television programs, please see the guidelines for movies and videos.

Adapted from web materials at Fairfield University.

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